TEAM Lab Wood Shop

A list of the woodshop policies can be found here:

The TEAM Lab offers three different seminars in woodworking, along with periodic workshops.  Projects range everywhere from rough prototypes to finished designs.  Any number of classes have used the shop for projects including Intro to Engineering and Senior Design.

The wood shop is well-equipped with table saws, miter saws, a panel saw and multiple band saws.  Included are a 12″ jointer/planer, a 20″ planer, a 25″ drum sander, a mortiser, router table, shaper and a wood lathe.

We currently are not able to offer any dimensional lumber or sheet goods, but do have some rough cut (mostly 4/4) hardwoods for purchase: maple, oak, walnut and cherry.

“Thank you! Honestly, the help I got from the TEAM lab staff on all of my projects was the key to making them successful. I couldn’t recommend TEAM Lab more! I wish I had started with you all earlier or even gotten a job there when I was in school.”

Ann Marie Kozol was taking a distance course in Architecture from the UW Milwaukee when she came up with this Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired design for a clock for a class project.

It is widely known among the engineering community and industry how important hands-on practical skills are out in the workforce along with the theoretical side of an engineering degree.

Our goal here in the TEAMLab is to help make sure our engineering students are equipped with the practical skills required by industry.