Stock & Hardware

Permit holders can purchase some materials from the TEAM Lab for academic or departmental use (The TEAM Lab can not make purchases for personal use). This includes both hardware such as nuts and bolts and materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. For permit holders who have paid either the materials or research fee, some materials may be available at no cost. A 15% mark-up is applied to the cost of all purchases to cover materials and services overhead.

Permit holders can pay for materials in one of two ways; either with a debit card or via a purchasing account tied to a UW funding number. In order to set up a purchasing account with the TEAM Lab you will need to fill out the account setup form below and turn it in to the TEAM Lab. An approved UW funding number (see your department’s financial specialist for how to get a funding number) is required on the form.

Account setup form


The following are common suppliers but does not constitute an exhaustive list. It is usually cheaper to order directly from a supplier rather than through the TEAM Lab.


Precision Hardware

Metal Stock


Wood & Lumber



*(Listings are in no way an endorsement of quality goods or services)