EMU issues?

EMU (Engineering Machine Utilization) is a web based system developed here in the college to manage users, training and machine reservations online.  It ties together various online systems and databases and works for what it does, but has exceeded it’s original intentions.  It is not without it’s quirks or caveats.

If you have successfully completed the necessary work in Canvas, but you cannot proceed in EMU it could be due to more than one reason:

  • You need to have taken the Green Permit Canvas quizzes within 45 days of coming in/reserving a machine (to keep the information fresh in your mind).  If you previously took the quizzes and it was more than 45 days, you will need to retake the last assessment quiz as a refresher. (Not all of them, just the final assessment quiz.)  It’s a little confusing because Canvas will show you as complete regardless of how long it’s been.


  • If you completed the Red Permit more than 90 days before doing the Green Permit, you will need to retake the Red Permit assessment quiz, also as a refresher.  Again, not all the quizzes, just retake the last, assessment quiz.


  • If you completed the Lab Orientation more than 90 days before doing either the Red or Green permit, you will need to retake the ‘How to Use the Labs’ quiz.


  • If you did all the work in Canvas before applying for the permit in EMU, it may not show up as complete in EMU. You can either retake the assessment quiz after having applied or you can contact the shop.

Still having problems?  Contact the shop.