EMU issues?

EMU (Engineering Machine Utilization) is a web based system developed here in the college to manage users, training and machine reservations online.  It ties together various online systems and databases and works for what it does, but has exceeded it’s original intentions.  It is not without it’s quirks or caveats.

If you have successfully completed the necessary work in Canvas, but the quizzes are not showing as so in EMU, it could be due to more than one reason:

  • The Lab Orientation module is new as of Fall 2021.  It replaced the Blue Permit, the first module in the training.  It will need to be completed if you did your Red Permit Prior to that semester.  It is a pre-req to the Red Permit.
  • If you completed the Lab Orientation and/or the Red Permit material in Canvas more than 90 days before the start of the Green Permit application, the assessments will need to be retaken (not all of the quizzes, just the assessment quizzes at the end of the modules).
  • The Green Permit assessment is only valid for 45 days from the date you applied in EMU for the Green Permit.  If it has been longer than 45 days since you last took the quizzes, you will need to retake the assessment quiz at the end (intended as a review of the material).
  • If you did all the work in Canvas before applying for the permit in EMU, it may not show up as complete in EMU.  You can either retake the assessment quiz after having applied (not all of them, only the assessment quizzes at the end) or you can contact the shop.
  • Your materials fee is unpaid.

Still having problems?  Contact the shop.