Joel Ballweg

Position title: Instrument Maker - Specialist


Phone: (608) 262-2615

Where are you from?
Sauk City, Wisconsin

Pertinent education for your position here?
Attended manufacturer seminars pertaining to the operation/programming of the following:
Haas, Tree, Fadal, Moog Hydra Point, Pro E, Mastercam, FeatureCam, Renishaw
Self-taught on CAD software, SolidWorks.

Educational or Technical degrees?
Graduated with honors from Madison Area Technical College with an Associate
Degree in Machine Tool Technologies.

Years of experience in your trade and working for the College?
33yrs in this trade. 8.5 years working here at the College of Engineering.

If you teach a seminar, what do you teach?
Haas VM-2 CNC Mill, Haas ST-10 CNC Lathe

What hobbies do you enjoy or things you like working on in your time off?
I love fishing and have run a successful Fishing Guide business on the side for the past 15 years.