Mission Statement

To support the educational and research programs of the College of Engineering by providing students with the opportunity for a safe, hands-on learning experience in a modern fabrication facility.


The College of Engineering Technical Education and Manufacturing Lab (TEAM Lab) is a 13,791 square foot facility located in the Engineering Centers Building on the University of Wisconsin campus. The TEAM Lab provides University of Wisconsin engineering faculty, staff, and students with the majority of the tools and equipment found in a modern machine shop. The lab is equipped with both manual and CNC mills and lathes, drill presses, grinders, belt sanders, band saws, and additional equipment used in various educational training/manufacturing operations. The lab also houses a full wood lab, welding lab and sheet metal lab. A staff comprised of both professional instrument makers and trained students are available to assist and educate engineering students engaged in work in the space. These resources are used to support the instructional and research goals of the University of Wisconsin’s College of Engineering.

Note to Educators

Because the TEAM Lab’s target audience is engineering students, the training material on this site may differ slightly from what a machinist in industry might recommend or be familiar with. Our training focuses on creating one-off prototype parts and safety. If reusing information on this site for training elsewhere bear in mind it may not be the best method of instruction for non-engineering students.

In keeping with the Wisconsin Idea, we try to make as much of our training publicly available as possible. In addition to the content on this website, Youtube, and KnowledgeBase, we also can provide additional content upon request.

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