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The TEAM Lab offers the tools, training, advising, and support you need to create amazing projects in metal, plastic, and wood, even with no prior experience. Ready to get started?

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Monday – Friday 8am to 4pm

Tool Crib only Friday 5/24/19
Closed Monday 5/27/19


  • Heavy Duty Backpack Mount for Wheelchair

    Eric Voisin is no stranger to the challenges faced by people in a wheelchair.  His motivation for this project is to help his brother with cerebral palsy and to develop a better backpack mount for …

  • Senior Design Students Help Improve Handicap Bicycle.

    Evan Bernhagen, a Mechanical Engineering senior design student, and his group designed and manufactured a freewheeling adapter for a tandem recumbent bicycle for a quadriplegic client, who started the ongoing project a few years ago …

  • Senior Design Student Develops Test Stand

    Margaret Heinemann, a Mechanical Engineering senior design student and TEAM Lab instructor, and her senior design group recently developed a test stand for a compressor with temperature controlled heat exchangers. After interning at Sub-Zero, a …

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