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The TEAM Lab offers the tools, training, advising, and support you need to create amazing projects in metal, plastic, and wood, even with no prior experience. Ready to get started?

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Monday – Thursday 8am to 9pm

Friday 8am to 4pm

Open Saturday 4/20 from 9am -4pm


  • Apartment Woodworking Recap

    TEAM Club’s apartment woodworking workshop on Friday, March 29th, was a hit!  Eric Ellefsen, TEAM Lab Instrument Maker, covered a lot of topics to get started in hand woodworking.  The different types of saws, rip …

  • Meet Our Staff – Klaressa Hollenkamp

    I’m from Forest Lake, Minnesota and I came to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to study Mechanical Engineering. I am trying to graduate in the spring of 2021 with my bachelors degree. I am not yet …

  • Meet Our Staff – Erik Spitz

    I graduate in 2020. I am part of the ASABE Quarter Scale Tractor Pulling club here on campus where we design and build a pulling tractor and compete against other Universities from around the world. …

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