Come by our Open House!
Thursday, April 25 1-4pm (the shop will be closed)
Free Ian's Pizza + Snacks, Tool Giveaways, Tours, & More

Hope to see you there! -

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Updated 4/24/24

  • Please leave us your feedback in this survey about how we’ve done this year – any/all input is greatly appreciated so we can keep making things work better for you.
  • We’ll be closed from 1-4pm on Thursday for our Open House! We’re open right before and right afterward. Please join us for some good food and the chance to win some great prizes. Hope to see you there!
  • The woodshop will be open for personal projects during posted times, generally 2-7pm Monday-Thursday and all day Friday.  Check the Shop Calendar on the upper right hand side of the webpage for availability. As the semester winds down, we’re offering training only on an as-needed basis.
  • For training or use of the Advanced CNC Lab please contact the shop to set up a time.
  • Important changes to know:
    • Tool Checkout: tools are no longer allowed to leave the basement – which means you don’t need to check them out to use them. Many tools and all hardware are now self-serve. Check our policies page under “Tools and Hardware” for more information.
    • Name Changes: Are you wondering where the Red and Green permits went? They’re still here – they’re just called something new. The Red Permit is now called Intro to Shop Tools and the Green permit is now called Intro to Machining. If you’ve completed this training in the past, there’s no need to re-do it. The content is largely unchanged, it’s just the names that have been updated. See more information here, especially the FAQ section.
    • EMU has been retired and is replaced by Fusion. What does this mean for you? Hopefully nothing, other than an improved UI and some new names to learn. Make your reservations directly in Fusion. Please reach out if you have questions!
  • Fee for Service is open! Find more information using the above drop down menu or click here to set up a design consultation
  • If you need to attend an Intro to Shop Tools session and none are scheduled, or if you need other training such as welding or woodworking, please contact the shop.
  • If you are coming down to the shop and need assistance from the full-time staff, please set up a time using a Project Consultation form. We can dig into your project details if we can plan ahead to set aside time for you.