The Advanced CNC Lab is now open, offering training on the TRAK DPMs and 2OP mills, CNC Mill 2 and CNC Mill 3 in EMU.

Updated 2/6/2023

  • The shop will be open Saturday, Feb 18th to people needing to do their Green Permit (esp BME 201 and ME 311 students), machine reservations are now open in EMU
  • If you are working down in the shop you will need to bring the physical copy of your Red or Green Pass in order to do so.  This has always been the policy, but will now be enforced (again).
  • Having problems with Canvas/EMU, here’s a quick link for troubleshooting.
  • If you are coming down to the shop and need assistance from the professional staff, please set up a time using a Project Consultation form.  We are better able to timely assist in the shop given advanced notice.
  • All Fee for Service work (FFS) is on hold, including waterjet requests.

Shop Hours:

The shop will be open M-F, 8am-4pm through winter break.

Starting Jan 24th we are open M-Th 8am -7pm, Friday 8am-4pm





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