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The TEAM Lab offers the tools, training, advising, and support you need to create amazing projects in metal, plastic, and wood, even with no prior experience. Ready to get started?

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  • Senior Design Project Takes on Knee Pain.

    For many people with osteoporosis or age related medical issues, knee injuries can be catastrophic to their body and well being.  Because such people cannot get knee implants, they are forced to rely on short …

  • UW Baja Team finished 6th overall.

    UW-Madison Baja team’s season has officially come to a close and we wanted to take the opportunity to showcase all of their hard work this past season down at TEAM Lab.  Evan Schertz, the team …

  • Heavy Duty Backpack Mount for Wheelchair

    Eric Voisin is no stranger to the challenges faced by people in a wheelchair.  His motivation for this project is to help his brother with cerebral palsy and to develop a better backpack mount for …

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